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I use one form for all of my webinars. Each webinar has a unique landing page and page title.  I am setting up one workflow that will send an automated email when someone submits a webinar form. The workflow has  the re-enrollment to trigger set-up to send an email everytime a contact submits a new webinar form.


The automated email will thank the contact for watching the webinar. I am currently using the personalized token: recent conversion to grab the page title for the webinar that the contact submitted the form. 


The problem is that I would prefer to a personalized token for the unique page title in the email because the recent conversion has the page title and the form name.  I want "Name of Webinar" not "Name of Webinar: Webinar."


Is there a way to edit the personalized tokens (without any indepth coding.)


Thank you.

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Hi @aalvarado 


If you're using Marketing Pro you could use a Workflow to populate a Custom Property, for example:


If URL = "webinar-1" then set 'Webinar Name' to "Webinar One".


In the example 'Webinar Name' is a Custom Property populated in the Workflow.


You will need to be careful the URL isn't overwritten if they sign up to multiple webinars at the same time.


Have fun