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I am trying to edit the layouts in the drag and drop email editor through design tools. I have added a number of custom modules but I am looking to create a custom content width. Does anyone know where I can edit this?

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Currently, there is not a way to override the padding in HubSpot's drag-and drop editor. While the default email widget is a global setting for all emails and cannot be changed directly in the email editor/drag-and-drop editor, you can make edits to an email template's HTML using the classic editor and creating a custom template. Though making changes to the HTML is dependent on your comfortability and knowledge of basic HTML.


If you choose to go the route of creating your own email template and setting the widget manually, use the following steps below:


  • Navigate to the menu at the top and find: Marketing > File and Templates > Design tools.
  • Once in Design Tools, search for the template you'd like to edit. Click on the name of the template.
  • Next, double click the cloned template > Clone to HTML to duplicate from the existing template and create a coded email file (that way you always have an original of your template). 
  • To find the email_body_widget settings, type "Ctrl+F" and paste email_body_width into the search bar. Hit enter to highlight all instances of this tag.
  • Replace the HTML tags " {{ email_body_width }} " with the pixel value you want to use for this email (for example: 600px).
  • Click Publish changes to save your changes in the template.
  • Once published, you can either return to the email in the classic editor you're currently working on to swap out the template under Settings or create a new email and select your custom template.


I will say, there are other folks who have tried some workarounds though these may not translate well to certain email providers. In this case, your safest route is to create your own email template or use the above steps to create a custom template.


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I have a set of templates created from a drag and drop emails that I want to clone  to html in order to change some padding.


When I go to Design Tools, I'm not able to find that templates in any of the folders?




Please help