ESSENTIAL: Track Replies to My Email Campaigns

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Hi Guys,


Has anyone found a workaround to build an active contact list based on mk email replies?


Not sure why this feature is not there yet but is super important for any marketeer that wants to automate flows and follow ups based on behaviour.


Is not so much about sending another campaign to people who replied (you would continue on a one-to-one engagement since they are already warm leads) but to be able to automate campaigns to people who don't reply over a period of time to email camapigns.


It doesn't make lots of sense that you can track sales email replies but not mk email replies.


Thoughts ot workarounds?




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@alvaranz check out which is also a HubSpot integration partner.  Sometimes when you're wishing HubSpot did something that it doesn't (and it does a lot), there is an ever growing list of technology / integration partners that might be able to solve your challenge.