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I am new to using HubSpot and the team I am working with, created multiple Email templates throughout the years. Prior to making changes to an Email template, is there a way to see which Email from my Marketing Email database uses a specific template? Without going into each Email and then design to see which template is being used. 


Essentially, the same thing as searching for which forms, Emails, landing pages, or workflows a specific property is being used, but for email templates.


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Hi @JLetellier,


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It's currently not possible to filter marketing emails by email template. However, I can see how that would be a helpful filter to add to the marketing email dashboard. I would recommend posting your suggestion to our Ideas Forum.  If you decide to post there, please post your link here in the feed so we can upvote it 🙂 




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Hi @JLetellier ,

Currently it is not possible to see the email template from this view I'm afraid. You can always share your ideas with HubSpot in the Ideas Forum.

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Please support the idea to have this feature integrated in future HubSpot developments. 


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