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Hi all,


I'm trying to build an email that has ten different images, the appearance of each of which should depend on the contact's custom properties. e.g., imagine an icon that is in colour if a contact has reached a certain milestone, or in grey if they haven't hit that milestone yet. I would capture whether each milestone has been hit in a new custom property (Milestone1Status, etc...).


Does anyone know whether this is possible? I've figured it out for one image using smart content, but that doesn't seem to work for multiple images.





Edit: adding an example of how I imagine this looking, for clarity



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Hi Amnon,


Your first step would be to create lists for each variation that you want to show. Let's say you have a custom property called "Milestones" with the values "bronze", "silver" and "gold". Create an active list with all of the contacts that are currently at that milestone.


If you care only about the highest-tier achievement (= only showing one milestone) you can create as many smart rules as you want (I think, I've never gotten to a limit...?) and refer to these lists. If contact has value "bronze", show "bronze" icon. If contact has value "silver", show "silver" icon.


But it sounds like you want to show all the ones attained so far? If the milestones are in order, I'd group the milestones in one image file, e.g. "bronze" + "silver" would be one png, including both milestone icons. If the milestones are not in order, things get a little trickier since you would have to create pngs for each combination (which is probably not feasible).


Does this help?




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Hi Karsten, thanks for the response! Unfortunately I am in that tricky situation where the milestones are independent from each other - so in your example, it's possible for any milestone to be bronze, silver or gold. That means far too many combinations to have one image for each one!


Just for clarity I'm adding a screenshot of how I'm imagining this looking.