Drop in open rates for recipients w/ Gmail addresses

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When we switched to HubSpot, we started seeing a precipitous drop in open rates specific to Gmail addresses. Further investigation shows that our email newsletters are now increasingly going into gmail users' promotions tab, rather than the in-box. We're also seeing an uptick in newsletters going to spam.


This is something that changed upon the switch from mailchimp to HS. How do we affect change in the other direction?


Nothing changed about the nature of the email newsletters we're sending (including the from address, etc.). But Gmail's reaction to the HubSpot sends is definitely new.


Looking for any advice on how to push things back to the inbox. 

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Q: Looking for any advice on how to push things back to the inbox when sending from HubSpot. 


Short A: see [Resources] Email Deliverability


Longer A:

- Make sure email sending domains are connected to HubSpot in your portal for ALL email sending domains used to send from your portal.


- Make sure you're consistently seeing a bounce rate below 2% on every single send from HubSpot. (can be a huge contributing factor) If not, use a platform like Kickbox to verify those emails before sending from HubSpot.


- Consider getting a dedicated IP address from HubSpot instead of using their shared IPs.


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