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Drafted marketing email appears on campaign calendar

Hi! We use the Campaign calendar to plan our marketing activities for the year. Every marketing email is drafted, associated with a campaign, and assigned a sending date, BUT we don't want to have to 'schedule' the email to go out. Therefore the email draft doesn't appear on the campaign calendar. 


It would be GREAT to be able to see drafted marketing emails on our calendar just like how we see sent & scheduled emails. 


Please help!

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Drafted marketing email appears on campaign calendar

Hi @a11r yes, I can see how that would be helpful in that case. I just ran a test on my Campaign calendar. I noticed that Drafted social media posts show up on the calendar. I "scheduled" an email still in draft that has a campaign associated and it does NOT show up on the calendar. 


I popped over to the Ideas Board and you are not alone in this thinking. Please go like and comment on this Idea and let's get this done for you!
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Drafted marketing email appears on campaign calendar

@a11r this has definitely popped up before in a few discussions around campaigns and calendars, I'm surprised the idea @Crystal_Hopper shared is so new! I've upvoted/commented and encourage you to have others who would benefit join the conversation to help gain a bit of traction to improve the visibility of the idea to the product team.


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Drafted marketing email appears on campaign calendar

Hey @a11r, Happy Monday!


A workaround I can think of now could be to mark drafted emails with a specific label or tag within your email platform. This way, you can still keep track of them alongside scheduled and sent emails.


To our top experts @Crystal_Hopper, @tverdokhlib1 and  @Jnix284 do you have any recommendations for @a11r matter?


Thank you,


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