Do I still need to import an Opt-out list after deleting the opted out contacts?


Hi All. 

Just wondering if I've manually opted out contacts in HubSpot or if the contacts opted themselves out by unsubscribing from a marketing email, and then I deleted those contacts from HubSpot, do I still need to import an Opt-out list as well?


Many thanks


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Hello @Star_SCX 


I was able to find a HubSpot knowledge base that informs:


" If there are email addresses in your opt-out import that currently exist as HubSpot contacts, while they will be automatically unsubscribed, they still exist as contacts and will count towards your billable contact total. "


To prevent these contacts from being included in your billable total, you can delete them and then re-import as an opt-out list. They will not exist as contacts in your portal, and only their email addresses will be marked as ineligible.


More information here


I hope this helps.



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