Differences between Marketing and Sales Emails

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Dear community, here you can find a great table of the differences in HubSpot's Email Marketing vs. Sales Email tools. 


  Marketing Email Sales Email
Applies to Marketing Professional & Enterprise for Classic Editor
Marketing Starter and free CRM for Drag & Drop Editor
Automated Marketing Email for Marketing Professional
Free CRM
Recipients 1:many 1:1
Server Sent from HubSpot (shared or dedicated IP) Sent from email client
HubSpot tools Marketing email
Workflow automation
A/B testing
Email feature in contact record
Sequences (Templates, Documents)
HubSpot Sales Extension
BCC & Forwarding address
Requirements Connected email sending domain
CAN-SPAM email footer
GDPR: subscription type and consent to communicate
Connected inbox (Gmail, O365, Outlook, Xchange)
Unsubscribe link
Opt In requirements Needs contacts direct consent to be sent - Opt in means a contact has personally provided both their email address and permission to be sent promotional content to your brand directly.  Does not need consent, typically used for cold calling
HubSpot users Marketing Team Sales Team
Support Team
Filters "Email Information" filters Recent sales email open date
Recent sales email replied date
Recent sales email clicked date
Tracking Opens
Marked as spam
Not received
Use case Newsletters
Promotional material
Blog emails
Sales email
Support email
Subscription types Marketing Information
Blog Subscription
Product/Brand subscription
Promotional/Seasonal Campaigns
1:1 (Sales)
1:1 (Support)
Best practice Use these emails at the beginning of the Buyers Journey to
nurture contacts (Awareness to Consideration). Use Marketing
emails to send emails to contacts where you don’t expect a reply.
The emails should be promotional, informational, or related to
the blog.
Use these emails at the end of the Buyers Journey (Consideration to
Decision). Use Sales emails to send emails to contacts where you want
them to reply. These emails should be used during the sales process or
for customer support inquiries.
Helpful resources Knowledgebase:
· https://knowledge.hubspot.com/cos-general/get-started-with-the-marketing-email-tool
· https://knowledge.hubspot.com/email/create-marketing-emails-in-the-drag-and-drop-email-editor
· https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/email-marketing-guide
· https://academy.hubspot.com/courses/email-marketing
· https://academy.hubspot.com/lessons/outlining-the-design-of-your-marketing-emails
· https://academy.hubspot.com/lessons/components-of-a-high-performing-email
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If I have marketing email functionality, why would I not just those emails for 1:1 sales emails?

HubSpot Product Team

@Chris_Hughes HubSpot's Acceptable Use Policy defines that the marketing email tool may only be used for contacts who have verifiably opted into your brand.  Opt in means a contact has personally provided both their email address and permission to be sent promotional content to your brand directly.  The marketing email tool may not be used for sales email or cold sales outreach.  Using the marketing email tool to send mail to contacts who have not yet opted into your brand may result in suspession of this tool within your account.


You can read more about the 2 types of email you can send using HubSpot and the contact permissions required for each in this bl...