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We are doing a mass mailing to our customers about products that they own of ours that will soon become obsolete. Is it possible to personalise the email and include the asset name which incorporates our product parts (each contact will have a different asset name)?


For example: "...we know you have our technology installed on your following assets XXXXXX"



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Hi @NPorter,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


It sure is! We can insert a personalization token into Marketing Emails that will display the value for a property in the email for each user individually. If we have the asset number stored for the contact in HubSpot, we can insert this value into an email. 
-see Personalize your content

"With personalization tokens, you can show personalized content to your contacts based on their property values in your CRM. Personalization can increase engagement with your website and email campaigns. You can personalize content in your HubSpot emails, website pages, and landing pages with any default contact property or custom contact property

This article covers how to add personalized content to rich text modules in the page editor, the marketing email editor, and in your page and email templates. Learn how to add personalization to your email subject lines and your sales email templates or snippets."

I'd be happy to take a look at creating this email together! Please feel free to DM me.