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Creating RSS feed for newsletter sent from HubSpot

Hi there!


Every month, my team's putting together and sending out an email newsletter. We don't have any archive on our website or newsletter landing page yet, so any issue we send only makes it to the recipient's inbox and isn't accessible externally later on.


Is there any (easy) way to create an RSS feed for this newsletter in HubSpot? I know about the "kill the newsletter" tool, but somebody asked me about that and I haven't found any answer yet.


Thanks in advance!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Creating RSS feed for newsletter sent from HubSpot

Hello, @akpytko thank you for reaching out to our Community.


I want to invite our top experts to this conversation. Hey @chrisworqflow @Jonno_Price @amwilie any recommendations to @akpytko?


Thank you,


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