Create Emails / Campaigns via API and Send / Schedule via API


These are our requirements:


Our system sends around 10 types of newsletters to thousands of contacts daily. The newsletters are generated out of atricles stored in the database. I wanted to know below before we choose Hubspot.


1. Can we create emails via API dynamically and send them via API?

2. Can we schedule emails via API?

3. What is the difference between email and campaign? And at which level tracking is possile? 


We dont want to create emails and schedule them manually at Hubspot.  We will create / update contacts via API. And we will need to specify in the API to which contact list an email should be sent.


I read that transactional email add-on can be used for sending emails. But these are not transactional emails. Also it seems transactional email doesnt support sending an email content to a list of contacts.

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Community Manager

Hi @pradeep-zerone,


As @Derek_Gervais outlines here, only transactional emails can be created and sent via API.