Copy paste table in your email (from excel)

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For giving a nice overview of short information, we use tables copy-pasted out of excel. (because of virus or other troubles some people tend to not open attachments)

Sadly that's not possible in the email marketing tool now. Could you please add a "table" function for creating emails?


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Hi- not sure why it would not work.. but you can copy/paste an excel table into a marketing email and it will create a table. Not sure if you're trying to copy formuals or anything advanced but text should copy over in a table format.


You can also insert a table in a Marketing email. When creating the email, in the main body go to insert- table- and select your size. I would copy and paste your text into the source code to avoid formatting issues.

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thanks for your reply!

I already try that and asked over the bot for help. They had the same issue and couldn't copy paste it.


If there is a possibility, please explain more in detail how - but copy paste doesn´t work, it just insert the text  but not the format (table).


Thank you!

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Ah I see what you're saying- you want to the format of the table to copy.


You could upload the table you're trying to share to your files in HubSpot as a PDF (or excel if you don't care that it can be changed). Then add the URL of that file in your email or create a CTA. Then you'll be able to track who clicks.


Or, if the info is being sent to just one person I would use the documents tool (if you have it) to share out.