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In the marketing email program we used before Hubspot we had a number of static lists pertaining to different client groups, i.e. Agents and Corporate Clients in the UK for example...


I have now uploaded these static lists to Hubspot for use in future campaigns, but we have also uploaded our client database from ResHarmonics, which will soon be linked with Hubspot.


How can I identify imported clients from Resharmonics as either being Agents or Corporates?


And, when sending an email can I use both staticly imported lists and dynamic contacts?


Hope this is clear,



Community Manager
Community Manager

Contact linking

Hi @bardvos-RS 


Welcome to the Community!


You can send emails to different lists if you need to, you can find more information on how to do it here.


When you are importing your list of contacts you can add a custom property and named groups of clients and specify if either "Agents or Corporates" and import the list . 

Once your contacts are imported to HubSpot you can create a list from the import file.


Screenshot 2021-01-21 at 09.20.19.png


I hope this helps




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