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Contact Import, Custom Properties, and Email Merge

Hi All,


Very new user here struggling with an email customisation problem and hoping some kind soul can help me...


I am organising a community  junior football (soccer) tournament. I have built a registration form on our club website and registration details, and we have had over 150 teams sign-up so far.


I would like to send a mail to the Organisers/Managers of all registered teams giving further details about the event. The email will also confirm the Team Name which they have been registered under, the age group into which the team has been entered, and also provide a unique URL link to a un webpage, provided by our tournament management software, where they can see all the match timings and results for their team. These values exist in a spreadsheet/csv file which I can import into HubSpot


I have created custom properties to house the Team Name, Team Age Group, and Unique URL as Contact attributes and imported my spreadsheet and matched the values to the custom properties. Finally, I have created an email which pulls these values in for each team and I have successfully sent some test emails...and everything looks great, the email looks fine and the custom values are displayed correctly.


A problem arises though in the fact that single Organiser/Manager contact is able to register multiple teams; for example I personally have two Under Teams signed-up. These appear as separate entries on the input csv file. When I import the file as a contact list, the second/third registrations are automatically deduplicated by Hubspot presumably because normally we want unique contacts (where email address is the unique identifier). This means that only the email for the first team registration can be sent as the custom values are lost. Whereas, I want to send multiple mails to the same contact but for different team registrations.


Is there a way of changing the unique field that Hubspot uses to deduplicate contacts on import so that multiple entries for the same email adress can exist. For example, I could change the unique identifier to Team Name?


Alternatively, is there a way of associating a single unique contact with different 'purchases' or registrations and pulling custom values for that purchase through into separate mails. As far as I could see the email personalisation options only allow for Contact properties to be merged into the mail body?


Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated. As I say I am a new user to Hubspot and haven't delved deep into its full functionality.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Contact Import, Custom Properties, and Email Merge

Hey @MArmishaw thank you for posting in our Community!


Currently, HubSpot deduplicates contacts based on a unique identifier, the email address. However, in your case, since a single Organizer/Manager may register multiple teams, using the email address as the unique identifier may not be suitable. You can try changing the unique identifier to another field that would ensure multiple entries for the same email address are retained. As you mentioned, using the Team Name as the unique identifier could be a viable option.


To our top experts @Crystal_Hopper, @tverdokhlib1, and @Jnix284 do you have any recommendations for @MArmishaw?


Thank you,


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