Click rate and open rate the same

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I sent an email to 64 people in the same company and interesteingly, the open rate and the click rate were exactly the same. 

I think its unlikely that all of the people who opened, clicked. I assume that this company employs some sort of technology that blocks email open data from being sent. 


Anyone have more insights on this?

Open Rate and Click RateOpen Rate and Click Rate


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Hi @mrspabs ,


It is curious indeed, but the number of clicks is not only 46. There were 135 clicks. Maybe it was a big coincidence.


Please take a look at the rest of the email analysis results and see if the information is different. How "HTML click map" if you email have 2 or more links/ctas and others results (examples bellow).




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Interesting but the time spent viewing email graph is completely odd.

see below. 


I notice in the "top engaged contacts" area that every single person who clicked, clicked 2 or more times.  However, the opens range from 1-3 opens. so it looks like the open data IS being collected by hubspot. 

I thought it was a coincidence too except I have seen this at least 5 times (we emailed companies one by one for an account based campaign). 

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I've actually been seeing some discussion about email bots recently. What could be happening is there is bot activity in several of the email addresses you are sending to—especially if this has happened to you before. As a result, the opens/clicks that occur could be from bots alone, hence why the open/click numbers are exactly the same.


When you check the metrics for the page these contacts are going to, is there a 100% bounce rate and no recorded time spent on the page? 


Additionally, with credit to @jaleonard19, they mentioned two common ways to know if there is some bot activity going on: 

  1. Opens or Clicks almost immediately after the email was delivered. You can see this by clicking into the 'Recipients' tab on the individual emails. Then expanding the contact's timeline of events. If the timestamp for the delivered and the open or click are very close together (less than a minute or two). That is a strong indication it is a bot. 
  2. If every single link in the email is clicked. That is another strong indication it is a bot. We will see the same emails delivered to the same domain, and all come out with exactly 15 clicks. Again most likely a bot.