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Choosing an Email Sending Domain

I want to choose an email sending domain that is different from from our usual office domain that staff use for communications daily. Can a setup that domain on hubspot without needing am email service provider like Google workspace? What is the best practise on specifically using a different domain for marketing emails?
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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Choosing an Email Sending Domain

Hello @MartChris 

To connect a domain as an email sending domain, it would need to meet the following requirements:

Also note that domains carry their own email sending reputation.  A domain that has never been used to send email before needs to build up healthly sender reputation through a domain warm up.  Domains without sending reputation that have not been warmes up may face delivery and deliverabilty problems from a lack of email sending history.  You can learn more about how to warm up a new domain in this external help article.