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How can I change the width of one email only? I don't want to update my emails settings for all emails.

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Hi there,


Your default email width is set globally for all emails in your content settings and cannot be changed in the email editor, changing the width of a single email requires editing the custom HTML version of the email template. This is only recommended if you have a basic understanding of HTML. 


Note that if the width of an image or a table in an email is wider than the email body, the email body will automatically resize to fit the width of the image. To change this, find where the width is defined in the code of the image and replace it with a smaller pixel value.


To create a coded email template and set the width manually:


  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Marketing > File and Templates Design tools.
  • Locate the template you wish to edit in the finder, and click on the name of the template to select it in the finder.
  • Click Actions Clone to HTML to a create a coded email file from this template. 
  • Type "Ctrl+F" and paste email_body_width into the search bar, then hit enter to highlight all instances of this token.
  • Replace {{ email_body_width }} with the pixel value you want to use for this email (for example: 500px).
  • Click Publish changes to save your changes in the template.
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I would like to follow up with this issue.


Is resizing the email width possible in the email drag-and-drop beta? Can you walk me through the process?



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