Cant seem to view my html coded template in Hubspot Design

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I have not been on hubspot for a long time and in the past have coded email templates which I sold on the market place.


I have a developers account and today I logged in I notice there is no place for me to upload images file in the past which is fine. But the biggest issue is on my coded file template when I click on any of the templates it just opens a blank page and nothing else.


I can't of course get in touch with support on this since this is a free developers account. So checking if anyone else has came up wiht this issue? And honestly, this new version of hubspot is really disappointing for me!

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Hi @tahsin,


Are you still experiencing this issue? If you can share where the error is occurring, along with confirm that it occurs across multiple browsers and through an incognito window, that would be great!


Thank you,

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