Can't fix email width in desktop and mobile

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I'm trying to create a new email template in the classic editor. 

The issue is that I can't seem to make the email look cohesive in both desktop or mobile view. The fixed width of emails in Hubspot is 600px which is fine, so I tried to make all my modules fit these parameters using this code in the inline styling:

width: 600px !important; height: auto !important;

that seemed to fix the mobile issue, and now the email looks correct in mobile -- everything fits within the tables (besides the slow loading image, that's another issue to fix)

mobile viewmobile view

But when I test it on desktop, this is what it looks like:

desktop viewdesktop view

I can't figure out why the header image looks correct, but the rest of the email is still super wide, even with the inline styling code in every module. The padding and email dividers are not showing up correctly either. 


I've been trying to figure this out for days, and it seems like Hubspot Support is slow to respond. 

Community, does anyone know what's going on? 

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If you can post a "view online" link to your email we can try to take a look.  Just from your screenshot I can only guess that your image is 600px wide which would make it show the same on the desktop/mobile, but the width of the table is not actually 600px or something is overriding your CSS making it full width.