Can I get a list of email that didn't send when the email stopped

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I sent marketing email to 1200 emails.    The email stopped at 300 hundred because of a high hard bounce rate.  Can I get of the list of the emails that didn't get sent ?

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Hi @Tbeck45 , 


You can make a list and use the 'Marketing emails' filter named 'Contact was sent email' for all of those who were sent the email. Then you're able to make a list of people who where on the sending list but aren't in the list you made from these steps above. 


Let me know if I can help you any further with this! 


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Thanks, I really appeciate the reply   I'm still a little confused.  Do I need to create the logic to filter?   


I submitted my  emails1200 on my list that submitted for delivery.

I see the report  :   205 SENT  161 Delivered   115 NOT SENT  TOTAL 320


How do I locate the 800 email that did not get sent before the stop?

Also, whats the exclusion list.