Can I add contacts to an address book?

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Hi Everyone,

I have just started using Hubspot and I'm finding my way around. I am just wondering if there is a way of putting all of my contacts/companies into 'address books' so when I go to send an email I can just click on, for eg 'Address book for Clients' and send the one email to a bulk of clients at once without each persons email address showing up to others in the BCC. 

Also, within the signature, is it possible to have my social media icons (clickable) and my logo there too?


Thank you in advance for your help.


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Hi @lchandler1986,


Welcome to Hubspot!!


At this point, you can't send bulk email to your contacts in the Hubspot Marketing feature. However, you can send a single email to individual contacts in your list.


In Hubspot Sales plan, you have to assign the contacts first and later you can send a similar email to list of your contacts.


Further, Use for an Email signature.


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