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CTA button in email is darkened in Dark Mode


My CTA button in my email is darkened for clients that are viewing emails in dark mode. This hasn't happened before -- is there a quick fix to this?Image from iOS.png

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Guide | Diamond Partner
Guide | Diamond Partner

CTA button in email is darkened in Dark Mode

Hi @KFrank ,

So you would need to customise the CSS of the email itself to avoid this actually since these changes are being made in Gmail's email client itself.


This is a great blog article which goes through this with steps on how to achieve this.

Hope this helps!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

CTA button in email is darkened in Dark Mode

Hello @KFrank , I was able to investigate more, and currently, it does not look like we currently have workarounds for this matter.

I was able to find this community post  I went ahead and upvoting that post for you, I recommend doing so yourself as well.




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