Breakdown email response metrics by contact properties


Hi, I have a couple of email campaigns that I would like to break down by a contact property. For example, we have a field "role" related to our product that specifies if they are a participating manager, a sponsoring manager, a purchaser, etc. How can I get a breakdown (data and/or data visualization) of open rates, click through rates for each of the different values in role? (e.g. open rates, click through rates for 'participating manager')


I can't see where I can change anything in the email campaign report page and customer reports aren't nearly as responsive or malleable as I was hoping.

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Hi @JGong,


Depending on your subscription level you can create a list with the filters "role is equal to 'participating manager'" and "contact has opened email "xyz"". This will give you the information of which recipients have the role "participating manager" and have opened the email.


Thank you,