Background image/pattern in the Drag and Drop Editor

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I want to utilize images as backgrounds to either content blocks or for the entire email in the drag and drop editor, but there are only options to "tile" or "stretch" the image.


Is there anyway that I can create a custom module that would allow me to scale the image to fill the content block or background, rather than stretching it?


I'm not super great with code but I am somewhat familiar with the design editor and can figure this out if someone walks me through it. If I'm able to do this, I'd love to replicate it across my client portals. 



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Hi @jadenmiller 


Unfortunately not all email clients are created equally.


Every email client e.g. Outlook, Gmail, Apple Mail, etc. all interpret CSS rules differently and some just skip some CSS rules altogether.


Here's a summary of the Email Clients that can use background images:


Looks like most of the clients that support background images also let you set the "background-size" property which gives you control over the image.


Normally with CSS you can set "background-size: cover;" and the image will fill the background. 


However, you'll want to test different email clients to see if this actually works. And, if it fails what happens.


Have fun