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Automating an email process - how to copy someone on every email that goes out?

Hello! I hope that this all makes sense and that a solution exists.


We are trying to automate a process in which we make a warm client handoff to one of our external partners through an email introduction. We have built out the email template and created a workflow that will send the email to the client being introduced to our partner when a certain field (we'll call it "Warm Handoff") is updated to "yes." However, we need the partner to be CC'ed on every intro email that gets sent to clients. Is there a way to do this within Hubspot?


Also, can this email be a marketing email or does it absolutely have to be a transactional email in order to just go to a specific client as triggered by the workflow?


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Thought Leader | Diamond Partner
Thought Leader | Diamond Partner

Automating an email process - how to copy someone on every email that goes out?

Hi @SColemanRTR out of the box, what you're looking for isn't possible - there are two types of external emails you can send with a workflow - marketing or by enrolling in a sequence.


If you send marketing emails, it would use automated emails and only be sent to the contact enrolled (no way to CC) and likewise if you enrolled in a sequence it's still 1:1 email.


I recommend checking out the Partner apps that integrate with HubSpot to see if there is a solution that will help you to better manage your partnership referrals.


Hope this helps, happy to help if you have further questions!


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