AB test: A5% VS B5% by default creates issues when sending out campaign



Recently I sent out 2 campaigns with AB test and I didn´t know that the AB test was set to 5% (where 5% of Version A and 5% of Version B are sent out, and then the remaining 90% of the emails are sent out using the version that had the best performance after a certain amount of time) by default when before it used to be set to 100%. This lead to a complete failure of both campaigns with a lot of work behind. 


- Could you please make sure that if there are any changes, that we are aware of these?

- Also, having 5% as default doesn´t make any sense, otherwise I wouldn´t choose AB test (50-50). I think the best is to set it as 50-50 by default and then other options should be customized. 


Thanks for listening.


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HubSpot Employee

Hi @Beatriz  I apologize if the email test protocol caused an issue with your campaign. The A/B email test protocol (outlined at this HubSpot Academy resource) has been in place for quite some time (at least two years as far as I know).  Can you add this as a post to our ideas forum to suggest improvements for the process?


Thank you,



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