2 CTAs One E-mail- Smart Lists Tied to each CTA are Wrong

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Two CTA's in E-mail, created two smart lists tied to each CTA with clicks being the rule for adding them to the list.

-Both lists giving me the same list
-Both lists are wrong when I review the E-mail recipient tab & click details
-After further review both lists are showing me all of the recipients who clicked through (anywhere in the E-mail not even on my defined CTA buttons) across both of my E-mail blasts

Different number of clicks for each CTA, viewable on CTA section. When I dig into the recipient metrics for the E-mail blasts and go to the "Clicked" tab I see the full list of clicks in the E-mail and I can see the true list of recipients who clicked on my Call-to-Action buttons.

When I define the smart lists as "Contact has clicked this Call-to-Action" and select the CTAs I inserted in my Email neither of my lists are representative of either CTA.

The smart list didn’t take the instruction and instead BOTH smart lists I created pulled the full list of recipients that opened and clicked anywhere across the two E-mail blasts which sums out to 93 contacts

It does not give me the desired result, being two separate lists tied specifically to each CTA as I have defined the smart lists. I had a workflow for an internal E-mail with detailed variable fields tied to one of these CTAs, for immediate sales follow up, and now they have received several E-mails on contacts who did not in fact click the desired CTA. I had to send an E-mail to the team, kill the workflow E-mail and compile my own static lead lists based off of the recipient click through details (had to go into each contact record directly and add them to new static lists) found under each E-mail (because these lists wouldn’t do the advanced export properly either, it was giving me them in a file format I could not access. I have the most up to date Office Suite.)

Can somebody please clarify why my smart lists would not be tracking the CTA clicks properly?

Is it because I used two separate CTAs in one E-mail?

Why would the Smartlist just give me a report of all of the contacts that clicked through in the E-mails instead of pulling the list of and people who fit this description? "Contact has clicked this Call-to-Action"

I want to know how I can update these smart lists to pull the specific data for each CTA, and it would be even better if I could break it down further and see how many times each contact clicked within the E-mail.

Thanks for your help on this!

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Hi @alexrector613   Apologies that no one has reached out to you yet. Based on your community user info I wasn't able troubleshooot your account. If you can provide your portal number or links to the lists you created, I'll be happy to troubelshoot further. 


However, if you are a Marketing portal customer at the Basic/Professional/Enterprise level you have access to our 24/7 support team via the Support Inbox within your portal. Find out how to submit a support ticket here. 


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Ed Justen

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