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Is there a way to have a report with the status of all the emails I send, not just the templates, example: yesterday I sent 56 emails; 35 opened., 12 responded and 4 clicked on a link.
Just like hubspot  have for email templates but also with the 1:1 Emails

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email status

Hi @AGasca,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


I wanted to share this related community thread where @karstenkoehler explains how to build a sales (1:1) email report with the Custom Report builder. He mentions that you'll need to create two reports, one for clicks, one for opens


I also wanted to invite our subject matter experts to see if they have advice.

Hi @danmoyle@jolle@Jnix284 - Do you have any sales emails reporting tips or hacks for @AGasca

Thank you! 




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email status

Thanks for thinking of me @kvlschaefer 😊 


Nothing to add beyond what's been shared here from @Jnix284 & @jolle, and @karstenkoehler's answer. 


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email status

Thanks for the mention, @kvlschaefer! And great question, @AGasca!


The custom report solution from Karsten above is probably the closest you'll be able to get to overall one-to-one email performance at this time, and @Jnix284's recommendations should help with the bigger picture as well!


I would also consider building some reports/lists to identify highly engaged and highly unengaged contacts using the following contact properties:


  • Recent sales email open date
  • Recent sales emails clicked date
  • Recent sales email replied date
  • Number of times contacted
  • Number of sales activities (not necessarily specific to emails, but could still be helpful)

You can build reports to highlight contacts who have opened/clicked/replied to a sales email within a set timeframe (i.e., this week) along with contacts who have been contacted multiple times but have never opened/clicked/replied. These won't necessarily give you overall one-to-one email performance metrics, but they will help you identify the contacts you definitely should be contacting along with the ones where it may be a good time to hold off for now.


Hope this helps!!

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email status

Hi @kvlschaefer , happy to help @AGasca 

Other than custom reports / dashboards, there are stats on the sidebar of the Tasks view on the Insights tab that might be helpful, and if you have Sales Pro, the new Prospecting beta might be a good fit.

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