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Does anyone know of or have suggestions for a good workaround strategy regarding the Send Frequency Cap tool? 

My team has the Professional subscription, and from what I read the Send Frequency Cap tool is only available through Enterprise. However, we are very concerned about hitting some contacts too often. 


That being said, if anyone has any ideas, suggestions, or tips for how to create or work around the lack of a Send Frequency Cap for the lower subscriptions, I would greatly appreciate sharing below!

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Hi @KAnd,


Thanks for reaching out.

I'm not aware of any workarounds for the frequency cap.

However, you might be able to leverage the marketing email filters to build a list and exclude it in marketing emails.



Take care!



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Hi @KAnd , I work in MOps at HubSpot and the way we do this is we created a property called "Sends Since Last Engagement" where we basically define our own Send Freq Cap. We take that property and apply it to our segmented lists so each segment has a defined SFC via the Master Lists they use.


This idea of 'hitting contacts too often' or throttling the email volume is something we think about often since we have such a large DB. In fact I'm helping Jon Dick host an AMA in the community next week and if you want to ask about this topic, we can talk about it in more detail and I can see if I can share more about the SSLEngagement program we have. Let us know here