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Unsubscribe Origination

Situation below: AND Hubspot both sync to the SFDC field "Opt out of all email".


In Hubspot, is there a way to segment out the people who opted out through Hubspot and NOT through Outreach or SFDC?


Only want people who opted out using hubspot email activity


All the info I need is here but I cannot crate a list to query these fields:



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Unsubscribe Origination

Hi @GHunt5 


These HubSpot Subscriptions are only set by HubSpot, unless you are doing something fancy with API calls.


I'm not familiar with the Outreach integration but assume this is captured in Outreach and possibly synced to a special Outreach property in HubSpot, if at all.


The property history fields in HubSpot are meta-data and can't be used to build reports or lists.



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