Understanding Email Deliverability

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Smarter email filters call for smarter emails

Email filters now rely on past engagement (opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc.) as the #1 factor for inbox placement when delivering your emails. Your email domain has a reputation based on how your email recipients have interacted with your emails in the past.

The #1 mistake marketers make on their first email

A lot of marketers use their first email in a new system to “clean up” their contact lists and find out which emails are valid, but this doesn’t work exactly the way you might expect. Just one email with a high bounce rate or large number of opt-outs or spam reports will impact your reputation, and can increase the chances of your next email ending bouncing or getting sent to the junk folder.


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3 steps to set yourself up for a successful first email

There's so much to learn about email, but we've compiled 3 steps you can take to ensure your first email out of HubSpot is a success!


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Thanks for sharing @kdmeg 🙂


Thanks for sharing this @kdmeg. I've been looking for 'inbox placement rate' to be captured somewhere in HubSpot Email analytics but couldn't find any. Upon reading your thoughts, it's evident that the inbox placement rate is more important than delivery rate. Don't you think HubSpot should provide this metrics in Email reports? There are a lot of useful options such as 'email client preview', 'engagement by device type', etc but it would be great if we get the inbox placement rate for our emails. Thoughts?