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I am sending out emails to my contacts. 

In copy I put our Hubspot email xxxx@bcc.hubspot.com 


But half of the emails bounce at Hubspot (though the client mail does come through). And half do get registered at Hubspot. 


This results in our email provider blocking us, because of many bouncing emails (from HUBSPOT!!!) 


Can you please advice what we can do about this ? 

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Hi @MsLarsen,


I would recommend reviewing this Knowledge Base Article How to setup Log in CRM to crosscheck your set up. 


Here are a few things to check/note:

- The minimum required User Role is Sales User.
- The email address that you are sending from must match the email address of a user in your HubSpot portal. This prevents someone outside your company, maliciously spamming the BCC address.
- HubSpot won't log emails that you send to co-workers based on email domain.
- HubSpot will create a contact when you email someone who doesn't yet exist in your CRM.

- Please note: if you manually use the BCC address in an email client without tracking, this will simply log the email on a contact record in your CRM. This will not allow you to track opens or clicks on your emails.



Let me know if, after reading this article, you're still having an issue with logging. 




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