Things to know about HubSpot marketing email

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New to marketing email on HubSpot? You’re in the right place. 

The purpose of this post is to help email marketers at every level be successful with email on the HubSpot platform, particularly HubSpot Marketing Free users. 


Marketing email can be suspended for exceeding acceptable thresholds. Email suspensions and quarantined lists in HubSpot Marketing Free accounts are permanent. To prevent email suspension, please be sure to clean up your contacts lists of old, invalid, not-opted-in, or otherwise undeliverable contacts before you hit send.
Creating a new HubSpot account after any email protection action does not guarantee access to marketing email and/or quarantined lists.


Things you should know

  • HubSpot is an email-marketing service provider (ESP), meaning we send email on behalf of users though a shared network. A shared network means shared responsibility of all senders for the reputation of the network. Positive sending behaviors means everyone reaps the benefits of great deliverability. 

    On the flip-side, poor sending behaviors — as in, sending to purchased or other 3rd-party lists, not-opted-in contacts, excessive hard bounces, unsubscribes, spam complaints, and blacklisting — impact everyone’s deliverability. Not just one person’s. 

  • Email Deliverability Protection is our first line of defense for the shared network. It enables us to monitor email performance of each send, and ensure low performing emails are stopped to prevent further negative impact to deliverability. 
  • Marketing email can be suspended for exceeding acceptable thresholds or violation of terms of service. The ideal baseline for marketing email thresholds are as follows:
    • Hard bounces - below 1%.
    • Unsubscribes - below 0.3%
    • Spam complaints - below 0.01%

      Anything above these limits can negatively impact the sending reputation of HubSpot’s shared network. And as mentioned above, this means all users’ ability to reach the primary inbox is compromised as a result. Several email protection actions may occur to protect deliverability.

What are the email protection actions?

Your account’s ability to send marketing email can be systematically or manually suspended for exceeding the acceptable thresholds. Email suspensions and quarantined lists in HubSpot Marketing Free accounts are permanent, and it is possible for a suspension to happen after a single send! So the best defense against suspension is following deliverability best practices. Mind your contact sources, make sure you have explicit permission to receive marketing email from every contact on your list, and develop a regular database cleanup strategy. 
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