Test emails not working?

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I am new to this and am going through the Getting Started  check list. I have connected my Inbox and that is checked. Next step Send a test email, when I do this I never get a reponse back.


I have two gmail account and I have connected to the one I want to use for Hubspot but I have noticed that the test email is showing up in my other gmail sent folder.


What has gone wrong here? I see in the correct gmail account there is a email in the sent folder saying Get exicted your inbox is up and running. Which all looks good.


So why is it that the test email is being sent from my other gmail account?


Is there anyway to actually speak to someone in customer service about any problems?




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Hi @Nigel04661,


The Community (including myself) is here to assist you with all of your questions! 


In regards to your email tracking and getting started page issue, I am happy to assist! From what I am seeing and what I am understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong): 


1. You have connected one inbox to HubSpot

2. You sent a test email to coolrobot@hubspot.com and did not received a reply

3. Consequently, the getting started page is not updating


In regards to sending the test email, did you send it from within your gmail inbox, or from within HubSpot? If you sent it from your inbox and you have multiple email addresses associated with the send, that could cause the email to associate with a different email address. I am only seeing one inbox as a connected inbox on HubSpot's end.


You can always test the tracking and logging functionality by sending an email to a different email address and tracking and logging it, as well.


Please let me know how we can provide further assistance! 




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I got the same problem. My Hubspot is connected with my GSuite account but everytime I try to send the test email to CoolRobot@HubSpot.com, I'd noticed that it was send through my Gmail account. And there's no response I've received from CoolRobot@HubSpot.com in any way whether in my Gmail nor in my Gsuite account.


Is it normal that the Hubspot will use/send through the Gmail not in Gsuite account? And why I did not receive the feedback from CoolRobot@Hubspot.com?


Please need your help. Thank you.

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The problem has been resolve. Thank you.