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Technical question regarding email ID & timestamp per launch

Hi there,


I have some technical questions regarding email ID and timestamp per launch as we are trying to figure out a way to break the cache upon Apple's latest IOS update that adds an additional layer of privacy on emails. This would potentially affect some of the capabilities of an external personalization tool we’re employing in our emails.

  • Here I'm referring to marketing newsletter not one-to-one emails. When we're sending the same marketing newsletter to a group of folks who subscribed to it, do you know if HubSpot will append a unique Internal HubSpot ID per deployment of our marketing newsletter or it's not the case?
  • Also, related to the above q, if there is a value that HubSpot captures which is a timestamp/date-stamp per email launch? If so, could we send the merge-tag/data field for this?


Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!




Guide | Diamond Partner
Guide | Diamond Partner

Technical question regarding email ID & timestamp per launch

Hi @VKwan ,

I will try to answer this question one by one- 


There is a unique ID for each marketing email, and you can find it in the URL when you click into the email! 


webdew_0-1632293561577.png You could use this API to get the timestamp of the email! 


Hope this helps!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Technical question regarding email ID & timestamp per launch

HI @VKwan,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 


To answer your questions: 

1. Yes, HubSpot will append Internal HubSpot ID(s) whenever we see a specific send of a marketing email. Following that logic, a marketing email can have multiple Internal HubSpot IDs,

  • if there were multiple unique sends of the email (using the Send to more action),
  • if there were multiple unique sends of an email from a workflow/used in multiple workflows
  • a Smart Send of the email,
  • or if the email has been cloned from one that was previously sent.

Internal email IDs can be located in the Email Details section of a post-send page (when looking at a specific email) or through an email export on the email dashboard: 

Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 14.09.26.png


2. If you include advanced export data while exporting your marketing emails, this will include all available information on your marketing email sends (Created Date, Send Date, Last Event Date...): 

Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 14.14.24.png


Additionally, I wanted to share this Community article about the Apple's privacy changes that our team published. 


I hope this helps! 


Mia, Community Team




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