Sending a Mass Opt-In Email?

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So our database is currently holding a large chunk of old leads that were sourced long ago and haven't run through our current qualifcation process. They are essentially dead leads and not going to get worked. 


A colleague of mine asked why we just don't send them all an email and see if they'd be willing to opt in to our communications in the event there is someone who is a fit? I know deep down that that is not a good idea for a multitude of different reasons. The main being it sounds lazy others being GDPR compliance and also trying to maintain our email reputation. 

The reasons for not doing something like this seem pretty obvious to me but I guess my question is, is there a right way to do something like this and if so what does that look like? 


Any information you share is greatly appreciated! 

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Hi @jasonzimmermann 


Others may disagree but I don't think there are many, if any, right ways to do this sort of thing - not any more at least. 


I think to understand if a initiative like this is a good idea, we just have to put ourselves in our recipients' shoes and ask how it would make us feel.


Emailing a bunch of old leads, who have not been regularly communicated with and may never have opted in at all (I'm not referring to consent here, necessarily - depends on your GDPR implementation), is unlikely to be helpful to them today, so I would struggle to be able to justify it. 


If you had communicated with them regularly and they were disengaged, a 'stay subscribed?' email might have slightly more merit, but not much. 


I think you know and agree with all this already - sorry if this is no help!

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Hey @jasonzimmermann! Great question. 


I'd like to echo @Phil_Vallender's response that it is important to consider the recipient in this case, however it is just as important to consider the requirements around opt-in to send bulk email from HubSpot. Opt-in is certainly required as per HubSpot's Acceptable Use Policy, in addition to any compliance requirements by the GDPR.  So sending an opt-in email to an old, outdated list of contacts for whom you may have never had or lost track of opt-in would not be a great move. Doing so would classify that email campaign as spam.


A great place to start would be to clean up the contacts database according to this guide and review and confirm the minimum requirements to email, namely:

  1. Permission to email the contacts
  2. An up-to-date suppression list of previous spam complaints, unsubscribes, hard bounces, or otherwise undeliverable contacts
  3. You have emailed the contacts and they've opened or clicked your marketing email in the past year

In addition to checking these boxes, I'd also recommend looking into third-party list validation service, like Kickbox, to further validate legit and/or eliminate stale contacts. **Services like these should only be used on contacts for whom you already have confirmed opt-in. 

These steps should help in removing any stale contacts from the database, and ensuring that those who are left are valid and have been engaged with your mail. From there, running the occasional re-engagement campaign to keep track of opt-in will go a long way!