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Last week i was emailing my contacts with a template and it was going fine. Today I was emailing new contacts with a template and everytime after a while I got the notification that "There is an issue delivering your email" meaning the mails were not send. In the faqs there were a lot of possible causes but non of them applied to my case. 


A moment later I saw in one of my new contacts, which had the same "non delivery" notification the remarks that he had opened the mail and clicked the link. 


Now I am wondering; were the mails to my new contact send Yes or No? (all of them had the notification "delivery issues"). If they were send it's very frustrating since I've tried sending a couple of times so then contacts would receive more of the same mails. (feeling spammed)

If they were not send, how on earth did I get the notification that a contact opened his mail?


Could someone help me with this mistery?





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Hi Haike, this is a great question and interesting case. It sounds like you are experiencing this issue on emails sent from the CRM. Is that correct?


An email will be labeled as Not Sent on the contact timeline if HubSpot decides to not send it for a number of reasons — primarily to protect your sender reputation! Some of those reasons as to why an email will not be sent are listed in the following article.


Why does my email send show 'Not Sent' on the contact timeline?


You mentioned, however, that the reasons listed do not apply to your case. I think what would be helpful here is a screenshot of the Not Sent message on a contact timeline in your portal. This might give us a little more insight into what might have happened.


For contacts who do not have a Not Sent label, you should be able to see whether the email was opened and/or clicked right on the timeline. More details about this here!


View your sales notifications in the activity feed


Send over a screenshot of the Not Sent label on a contact record and we’ll go from there!

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Dear Zakiya,


Thanks for your response.

Hereby the printscreen that says that the mail was not send en yet he opened en clicked the linked.


Please let me know if you find out how this is possible.


Cheers HaikeSchermafdruk 2019-01-21 15.50.55.png


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Hey Haike, thanks for sending over the screenshot! Based on what I see here, it looks like the contact was indeed sent an email from the CRM. However, the sequence of events would indicate otherwise. 


Messages sent from the CRM are delivered from your connected inbox and Internet Service Provider, as opposed to HubSpot's shared email infrastructure. That being said, bounceback errors are not as detailed as you might find on marketing email sends in-app. To get a better idea of why this particular sales email was not sent initially, you should look for the original sent email in your inbox. You'll find more details there and insights into next steps.