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Recent changes in open rate and click rate

Hello there, we recently started having some troubles with our sequence emails from HubSpot. Prior to Oct 11th, we were getting great engagement rates (opens/clicks/replies) and then after Oct 11th everything changed. 


We went from an average click rate of 6% to 1.5%, and our average open rate jumped from 8% to 25%. With the increase in opens, you'd expect there to be more clicks, but that hasn't been the case. 


Did anything change with HubSpot's tracking? We've been running tests on our end across multiple HubSpot Portals and they are all experiencing the same issues. 


Any feedback or insights on this issue would be great. 

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Contributor | Platinum Partner

Recent changes in open rate and click rate

Hey @alexjbauer! HubSpot hasn't announced any changes to their tracking this month, so that's probably not the problem with your click rate change.


Here are three things to consider as you think about this:


1. Has your email list seen a big increase in iOS users? If so, Apple's privacy features will cause HubSpot to automatically tag an email as opened, even if the user didn't open it. HubSpot has tried to remedy this by adjusting how they track open rates, but this privacy change stills causes it to be inflated. That could account for your jump in open rate.


2. Have you implemented any new lead generation channels recently? If so, perhaps the leads you're generating are low quality, which has caused your click rate to decrease.


3. Have you implemented new subject lines or email copy? If so, these changes could becausing the click-rate decrease.


I hope this gives you some things to think about! If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at


Thanks @alexjbauer!


- Jared Moats

Marketing Technology Manager

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