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Opt-In to a cold list

I set up a small opt-in email list 15 emails to law offices.

I included a link where they could Opt-In 


the results were:

10 email delivered

5 email not delivered because I hit because :  

"There was an issue sending an email to this contact.
This recipient hasn’t confirmed their subscription yet.


the result is that 1 email actually opted-in with the link


how can I send to the 5 people where there was an issue sending email to this account.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Opt-In to a cold list

Hello @montyread ,


HubSpot's marketing email tool requires that contacts have personally are directly opted into your brand before they can be sent a marketing email.  Use of the marketing email tool to try and gain opt in from contacts who have not yet provided it directly is not permitted.  You can review a list of acceptable and non acceptable contact sources for use in the marketing emai...

If you would like to encourage contacts to opt into your marketing emails, I can suggest sending them a 1:1 email from a connected inbox or your inbox platform directing contacts to a form where they can choose to opt in.  Once a contact submits via a form on your website, they meet HubSpot's opt in requirements and can be used within marketing email sends from that point forward.