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No images appearing from Hubspot - but they do from elsewhere...

I've seen several 'problems with email' posts, but none seem to resolve my issue.


When I send an email from HubSpot it comes through but with no images (just a question mark on a blue box).

This happens to any account I send the email to - and I've spend an age checking my settings to allow remote content etc etc.
What makes this more frustrating is that email from elsewhere (ie; clothing companies whose mail list I'm on) come through absolutely fine.

This appears to have confused online support as they can't resolve it.

Help. Please. 

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No images appearing from Hubspot - but they do from elsewhere...

Hey @Mr-A_Stark, thanks for reaching out!


Are you 100% that the images HubSpot is referencing still exist? If the image file you place within the email is ever removed from the HubSpot files library, HubSpot will no longer be able to display that image within your email. Just to be safe, I would try to re-upload the image(s) and select the new versions within the email editor.


Also keep in mind that different email clients will block images depending on how strict the security settings are. Device type and operating system can also have some impact on how images are or aren't displayed.


If all else fails, I recommend reaching out to HubSpot Support and letting them know:

  1. When you started experiencing the issue (and with which emails)
  2. The device, browser, and email client you're currently using
  3. If any other team members are experiencing the same issue
  4. Screenshots/preview links for the emails in question


Hope this helps!!

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No images appearing from Hubspot - but they do from elsewhere...

Hi @jolle 
Thanks for your response.
Regarding if the images are there or not - this is something I've considered and looked into as on one test (in the pre-send check/alerts) the images were listed as missing. However, I have uploaded several new images (.jpg and .png -- all varying sizes but under 200kb) with no change.

I've reached out to HubSpot so many times that I am losing the will to live. I've given all details and information you suggest. All I get is suggestions to read the help pages or post here.