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Linked images cannot be displayed

Hi folks, I send monthly emails to my customers, and this month they have told me that they are getting the messages 'The linked image cannot be displayed'.

It appears to work on gmail addresses, but not on others.

Any ideas?

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Linked images cannot be displayed

Hello @LRhatigan 

I understand that you are currently seeing some error messages related to the image. Is this an outlook account? Usually, this error message is related to the external environment.

The first thing to check would be to see if you can try reproducing the issue when sending it to an entirely different personal email address to see if you can reproduce. The other thing it could be is an issue outlook has with your domain, and not with the email images.


There are a few ways to test this:

  • Insert an image from a URL so it's not using our file hosting and doesn't use their domain in the email, check if this renders out.
  • Try send a gmail HTML email that contains one of the broken images by following these instructions and check if it works

Some additional recommendations would be to follow the steps outlined in this article here.


I hope this information helps.


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