Legitimate import Quarantined - how to resolve?


We're migrating from a different CRM and importing our previous legitimate opted-in customers into HS.


Being new to HS, I performed a few test imports, and along the way one of these imports was quarantined, affecting a large number of legitimate customers. Now they are stuck in quarantine, even if I wipe the entire Contact list and re-import from scratch.


Steps performed:

  1. Import #1 - imported entire vanilla list, some Contacts with an email, some blank. Import was a success (should have stopped here, and then you wouldn't be reading this)
  2. To try and avoid duplicates in future imports, had the great idea (based on this HS import KB article) to add placeholder emails for all Contacts that had blank email since HS uses email as a unique identifier to avoid duplication
  3. Wiped entire HS Contact list and started over
  4. Import #2 - from a clean slate, imported same list, this time with all previously blank emails filled in with a placeholder email: none-<acct#>@none.com
    1. Import was flagged and quarantined. Reason: "Your imported list is likely to cause abnormally high hard bounce rates." All contacts in the import were quarantined whether or not they had the placeholder email or not
    2. Quarantined list was auto created
  5. Wiped entire HS Contact list, deleted the Quarantined list, and started over
  6. Import #3 - from a clean slate, imported the same list used in Import #1 which was previously successful
    1. Import went great, no issues, no Quarantine notice

Thought all was good... however:

  1. Later found a Contact that says it's Quarantined, then found another...
  2. Restored the Quarantined List, looked through a number of the contacts and they are all still flagged as Quarantined. Apparently HS remembers all quarantined emails even if you completely wipe contacts and start over

So, now I'm stuck with a slew of Contacts that were originally not quarantined in import #1, but because of import #2, they are now stuck in quarantine status.


According to the KB Quarantine article I would need to send one-to-one communication to recipients and hope they respond so they can be removed from quarantine -- not a viable option with hundreds of Contacts that were not quarantined on the first import and are all legitimate opt-in customers.


How can this be resolved?

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Community Manager
Hi @ScotP
Thank you for your detailed explanation! We understand that it can be very frustrating when things don’t go according to plan. Contacts can get quarantined by our automated email deliverability protection systems and are, as a consequence, not eligible to receive marketing emails.
You can still send them one-on-one sales emails - if they reply, they will be removed from the quarantined list.
You mentioned that sending one-on-one emails is not a viable option in your case because of a large number of contacts. Our Starter, Professional and Enterprise subscriptions include the option of starting a remediation process with our email team. We’ll be glad to initiate the process, but to be able to do that, we would need additional information. We will follow up to your inbox to request this information directly, what we'll need is:
  • your HubID and user email
  • a link to the quarantined list in your account
  • the import file that triggered the quarantine 
  • an explanation how these contacts opted in to communication with your organization (if applicable, please provide proof of opt-in)
  • if possible, please provide proof of email validation for the contacts in the quarantine list (you can use a list validation vendor like Kickbox)


Thank you for continuing to work on this with us, we apologize for the inconvenience.



Community Team 

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Hi @MiaSrebrnjak,


Thank you for the helpful reply! Yes, we would be glad to get the process started and will wait to hear from you directly. In the meantime, I will gather the requested information. FYI, this inquiry should already have an open ticket, as I corresponded on Friday via chat with HS support.


Thank you for your assistance