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Issues getting the SPF setting right on Google domains



- I am trying to get the SPF setting setup on Google Domains

- When I copy over the setting information from Hubspot I get the below error from Google (see the last row of the image)

- Do I leave the host empty like Google says?


If I leave it empty, I get an error on the Hubspot page (see the 2nd imagine).


What am I doing wrong?



Google error



Hubspot error

help 2.png

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Issues getting the SPF setting right on Google domains

Hi @COMT2024


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!


I wanted to share this resource: Troubleshoot email authentication issues.


As a first step, I suggest reviewing the article I mentioned earlier and following the instructions provided. Additionally, verify if your DKIM is properly connected and utilize this tool to check for any SPF errors


If you encounter an error after following those steps, I suggest reaching out to HubSpot Technical Support. Support is included in your subscription, and they can offer real-time assistance on this issue. You can share screenshots and provide additional information to help them address the issue effectively.





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