I would need to have registered emails in CRM and in Gestor Outlook desktop

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I need help:
1. I need that the emails that I send from the CRM to a client, are also registered in my desktop Outlook email manager.
2. Also, when a person writes me a new email,
is also registered in the CRM.

Thank you,
P.S. I have already connected the inbox, and I have consulted in the chat, and they have not been able to solve it.

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Hey RobertoGonzalez! 


When you connect an inbox to the CRM via IMAP and send an email from a contact, company, or deal record in HubSpot, the sent message can usually be found in the Sent folder in your email client. However, this does not happen evenly across the board and depends on your email provider. If your provider does not retain a copy of the email, you won't find it in the Sent folder. 


Check out this guide for more on how emails are sent from HubSpot > connected inbox > recipient! 


When drafting a new email you have the option to log and track it in HubSpot as long as you have the HubSpot Sales Chrome Extension, or add-ins for Outlook or Office 365 installed. This does not work in reverse for new, untracked, incoming emails or replies from recipients. To register these emails in your CRM, you'll need to log it in HubSpot manually using your forwarding CRM email address.