How to Edit Not Sent List in Marketing Email Campaign

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Hi there,


The Email Marketing tool was locked down due to hard bounce rate. Worked with support and followed the recommendations and had the Email tool unlocked.


I took the Not Sent list and cleaned it. Now how do I edit/update the Not Sent list in my stopped email marketing campaign. Also how do I restart the paused email campaign? I do not see option on the dashboard to start it up.

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Hi Endev,

You will need to create a new email campaign and create a list from the "not sent" emails.

This can be done when going to your previous email clicking on "recipient" tab and then clicking on the "not sent" tab on the bottom left.

This will show you all the contact that the email was not sent to.

From here you click on the top right "list actions" and click on create list.

In your new email campaign add the created list as the recipients.

Hope this helps!





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