Getting Domain email CName records verified in HubSpot


Email delivery with Free Hubspot is HOPELESS... How can we get our Domain Email CName records verified within HubSpot without an ongoing over priced subscription?

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Community Manager

Hi @DaveCane 


At the moment the only way to connect your email sending domain in HubSpot is with any Marketing and Services subscription (Starter, Pro or Enterprise) you can find more information about this here




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How do we esculate this matter. So a basic user can simply verify their domain email record within HubSpot.


Users like us do NOT need ALL the extra services they we are being forced to sign up for.


Fact..... It's a once off 'click and authorisation'.


Surely HubSpot management can see that email deliverabily is citical even for a basic user.


After all it is 2020 🙂


How do we get someone in managemnt who cares!! to look at this issue of email deliverability accross ALL users?


Kind regards


Dave Cane

Community Manager

Hi @DaveCane,


Thank you for your feedback. To echo @sharonlicari's post, connecting your email domain is available with a variety of subscirptions, including Marketing starter. Please know that I have shared your feedback internally as well. 


I did want to share more around why we take email deliverability so seriously for free users. To help users get marketing emails to the primary inbox, we have automated deliverability protection systems designed to help maintain a healthy network reputation and high rates of email deliverability for users. If our systems detect abnormally high hard bounce rates, unsubscribes, or spam complaints, marketing email sending will be automatically suspended.


Thank you again for your feedback. 


Thank you,


Thanks Jenny for forwarding this on. If Hubspot REALLY wanted the best for all users, rather than just gowge them for every cent.

HubSpot would allow users to verify their email domain records. Hey... even free MailChimp, Aweber or any other basic email marketinplatform allows client to do.


We need to realise we are in 2020 now.... not early 2000 🙂