Emails being bounced that are demonstrably valid

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I am increasingly concerned about why emails sent to our mailing list are being bounced.

I have cleaned the list with Kickbox, and still get bounces. No I am getting bounces when sending an email to my other identity which is as the Hubspot administrator.

There seems no consistency about these bounces.

Could anyone point me in the direction of a solution - it is a real worry.

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Hey @Nickdunc, thanks for reaching out! 


You should be able to find information about why contacts are bouncing in the Email Performance tool. When you check out the bounced recipients section, what bounce reason is displayed? 


If you could grab a screenshot of it, I can dig into the bounces with you and assist with next steps. 


A quick note about Kickbox, this tool will only identify contacts that are risky or invalid. It will not actually remove the contacts from the account on your behalf if you've used the integration. After running your list through Kickbox, did you create a list of those addresses in-app, then delete the contacts? 


- Zakiya