Email replies not being tracked


Hi there


When i send one2one emails the replies are not being tracked in the activity tab of the contact. 


My 365 account is integrated with hubspot. How can i rectify this?





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Community Manager

Hey @ajaiseth 


Replies to emails will be logged automatically on the contact's timeline if you have connected your inbox and the following is true:

  • The original email was sent through the CRM or sent from your connected inbox's email client with the Log checkbox selected. A connected inbox is required in order to send emails from the CRM.
  • The original email was not sent to an email address or domain listed in your Never Log list.
  • The inbox is still connected when the reply is received.
  • The reply is sent to an inbox connected by the user who originally started the thread.
  • The sender of the reply is an existing contact in HubSpot.


I hope this helps


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