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Email Delivery Status in Workflow

We use automated emails based workflow for our campaigns. The workflow worked fine, emails got delivered. But in the performance, the workflow has recorded it has "Email Bounced". If the contact hasn't received the mail, then it should ideally follow "Email Bounced" branch. But in this case, though Email is delivered, it is set as "bounced" within workflow and the contact email validation is set to invalid. What could be the issue and how to resolve.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Email Delivery Status in Workflow

Hello @Usha_agnos ,


Could you please provide us screenshots in how your workflow is set up when you mention " it should ideally follow the "Email Bounced" branch.".


A bounce message It's an automated message from the recipient's email server with details about the specific problem with the email delivery once we sent that email. ( more information here).


Depending on how your branches are the "bounced message" will not count at the moment the user is active in the workflow.


The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide, the better I can advise on the next steps.

Thank you,


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